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Diolaze Laser Hair Removal

Diolaze is one of the latest high-speed, laser hair-removal techniques that gently and safely eliminates unwanted body hair over larger treatment areas. Using diode-scanning technology combined with built-in safeguards to prevent side effects common to older laser hair-removal devices, Diolaze is safe, quick and virtually painless, performed in a medical office and taking less than an hour to complete in most cases.

The  Diolaze hair-removal system  penetrates hair follicles so they can no longer produce hair. In addition, Diolaze devices are equipped with a “chill” tip that cools and soothes the skin during follicle deactivation, providing patients with a more comfortable laser hair-removal experience. Whether unwanted hair covers your legs, thighs, face or back, Diolaze can quickly remove hair and leave your skin smooth, clean-looking and most importantly, hairless.

The Diolaze Hair-Removal Process

Your laser hair-removal professional will use a handheld device to administer laser energy over treatment areas. This device delivers precisely controlled diode laser beams into follicle roots to destroy the roots and stop hair from growing back. Diolaze, along with all other laser hair-removal techniques, requires a person to receive several treatments to ensure all hair follicles in the mature stage of hair growth are effectively targeted by laser energy. The number of treatments you need depends on body area, hair color, skin tone and hair type. Generally, Biomend patients undergoing Diolaze laser hair-removal experience at least 90 percent hair loss following 3-6 sessions.

Pre Treatment Recommendations:


Avoid any tanning type 3-4 weeks prior treatment, or use at least 30 SPF sunblock.


Avoid irritant topical agents for 2-3 days before treatment.


Avoid anticoagulants for 7-10 days prior to treatment, if medically permitted.


Shave hair 2 days prior and ensure that skin is clean the day of the procedure.


Do not use lotion on the day of the procedure.

Treatment Schedule


The number of treatments is typically varies from 5-10 sessions every 4-8
weeks. As treatment proceeds, the intervals become longer.


There are longer intervals for body hair (6-8 weeks) than for facial hair (4-6 weeks) in the first 3 sessions. In subsequent sessions, the intervals on the
face may increase to 8 weeks and on the body to 10-12. Legs may require
15 weeks intervals.


Lighter and deeper hairs, as well as hormonally-controlled areas, such as
chin, are more resistant and may require more treatment sessions.


The best timing for an additional session is when hair regrowth is observed.


A touch-up treatment session may be needed for sporadic new hair growth
due to individual physiological processes.

Any Risks Associated With Diolaze Laser Hair Removal?

A completely noninvasive procedure, Diolaze presents nearly no risks to your health other than transient swelling and redness where follicles were treated. You can resume your work or other daily activities immediately following a treatment session

What Do Diolaze Reviews Say?

People opting for  Diolaze laser hair removal  love the fact that it is quicker than other hair removal treatments and offers permanent results. Reviewers also state they experienced significant reductions in hair growth after only a few sessions and were thoroughly satisfied with the end result — smooth, hair-free skin they never had to shave or wax again.

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