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Biomend’s monthly membership is your golden ticket to healthier, smoother, more youthful, and glowing skin…at a fraction of the cost!

And believe it or not, there are no fees. The VIP membership works as “banking system,” and you never lose the money you put in. Your monthly or annual payment is placed in your virtual wallet until you’re ready to use it. For example, do you have your eye on some wrinkle relaxers or lip filler? A Biomend Aesthetics Membership can help you save up for it by banking your payments.

Plus, our VIP members get to take advantage of exclusive pricing and deep discounts on corrective services and products!

You can cancel at any time, so there’s no risk to you to become a VIP member.
You deserve it!


Biomend Membership 2022.jpg
Biomend Membership Back 2022.jpg
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